Who is Unofficial K?

Unofficial K is the brand that has flourished Globally & Internationally throughout the fashion industry from its influence throughout social media and its confident representation. It is a reenactment of confidence through the most current Beauty & Fashion Trends that are worn daily. We desire to provide celebrity-like looks & everyday basics at an affordable rate that aligns with everyones budget. We are way more than just a brand. We strive to influence confidence within our valued customers when it comes to representation. We also strongly encourage & influence positivity regardless of body type, race, gender, and financial status.
Overtime, we have created our own community! A community filled with individuals who identify differently but share the same high qualities of self-confidence, style, beauty, luxury, and status. We also have our own feeling of influence! We have our own impacts & advantages that we provide in this world! We have a sense of style, no matter the time or place. We have our own, individualized confidence! Overall, our community is pleased to express themselves in the form of beauty & fashion art, which is not limited to anyone. 
Always Remember, 'Fashion' is subject to change based upon an expression of one's individuality; 'beauty' is destined to come from within.

Our Mission:

To provide individuals of all shapes, sizes, & status with in-style options at an affordable price. It is also our mission to make shopping an enjoyable hobby while providing a luxury like shopping experience. 

Our Vision:

To Manifest a worldwide trending beauty & fashion brand that promote individuals being comfortable and confident with their appearance, body, and within themselves. Also, to manifest Affordable Beauty & Fashion Trends globally. 

Our Promise:

To provide our valued community with a Rich & Trustworthy experience that keeps them up to date on the latest trends, most fashionable attires, and beautified looks, as well as provide a long-lasting experience. Here at Unofficial K, We also promise to maintain the efforts of influencing our community to continuously encourage the luxury of self confidence & self worth.

Meet the Owner


My name is Kailoni, I am a global beauty and fashion influencer as well as the CEO of Unofficial K LLC. Since 2019, I have been providing the beauty & fashion community with the most current, size-inclusive styles. More importantly, I have influenced the styles driven to make those of interest feel confident. Based on my passion & hobby to serve looks, I have manifested a local thought into a global vision, which I am proud to have gathered up a community of individuals who are just like me. 

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